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Wedding planning tips from the Ivory Project

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Are you newly engaged and trying to figure out how to start preparing for your big day? We got some insider tips from The Ivory Project, a bespoke event planning and design company. Read below on best ways to navigate the wedding planning process.

Congratulations on your engagement! One of the most exciting periods in your lives has begun and you are about to start planning your dream wedding. As unique and exhilarating as this process is, it can sometimes feel overwhelming and daunting.  From our professional experiences, we have gathered advice and recommendations on how to embark on this amazing journey that should above all be fun, enjoyable and as hassle-free as possible!

ENJOY THE MOMENT: Enjoy this beautiful moment. You just got engaged! Take a deep breath and take time to set your priorities. Our advice here would be not to rush things and do everything at your own speed. Set a date that is realistic based your lifestyle, work obligations and schedule. Cherish this once in a lifetime experience.

THIS IS YOUR DAY: This is about you: the first priority you should adhere to throughout this whole process and experience is about you and your partner – as a couple! Ensuring that everything is reflection of your personalities and love story is absolutely key.

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SET A BUDGET: Designate a budget that you are comfortable with. Set clear and realistic expectations. It is best to have these sorted as early in the process as possible.

CHOOSE YOUR WEDDING CONFIDANTES: Who are those ‘important voices’ you want there throughout the planning journey—perhaps it’s your wedding planner or creative best friend? Sometimes too many opinions can be overwhelming – so when you need some feedback or advice, having a few, yet valued opinions can be super helpful and make the whole process easier.

KEEP YOUR FOCUS: With endless information and wedding inspiration out there, it’s easy to get lost in Pinterest boards and Instagram feeds. In order to make sure you fulfill your wedding day vision, create a filtering method that will help you stick to content that really speaks to your heart and aesthetics.

FIND THE RIGHT VENDORS: You are not alone in the process. Research to find vendors that you feel understand what you are envisioning for your unforgettable day. Trust they will help to make your dream day come to life. Work with a team and engage the services of vendors that resonate with you and are aligned with your vision, taste and aesthetic as well as your budget. If you want to minimize stress on your wedding day, be sure to communicate your thoughts and concerns effectively.

DEFINE YOUR VISION: This is the foundation upon which everything will come together. Clarify and list you values, aesthetics, preferences and priorities. Be decisive in your wedding planning especially in regards to your budget and venue. Draw a list of your main likes and dislikes and of what is really important to you. Think about you as a couple: your lives, your travels, your interests, your friends, your favorites things and what vibe represents you. All of the above will influence and impact the choices you make for your big day.

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